Best Fire Starter For A Zombie Apocalypse

All of us take fire starters for granted. How often do you do think about fire starters if you have matches, lighters, etc. Imagine what you would do if you needed to get a fire started, but if you don’t have a lighter and you were left without any other alternative? This kind of situation is what faces many people in a zombie apocalypse (or emergency situation). Especially those that aren’t prepared. Disasters like fires, earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, and especially a zombie apocalypse can leave many people homeless. Also at other times during the year, holidays or outdoor activities may turn into a nightmare in case of accidents or other hazards such as weather. During times like these, a fire has to be lit in order to cook food, boil water, and stay warm. This is the basic importance of the fire starters we never give much thought about.

Every kit for survival during emergencies or a zombie apocalypse must have at least two fire starters. The primary goal here is to light fire in order to prepare food, warm yourself, scare away zombies (or animals) or even serve as a signal to rescuers. In the normal course of life, it’s hard to imagine yourself in such a situation. The general assumption that they only occur in movies is wrong. Life is full of risks and anything can happen.

Conventional fire starters such as match sticks can be used during emergencies. Lighters can also be used. There are different types of lighters. A waterproof one is the best in case it gets wet. Another incredible lighter is this Zippo Outdoor Line Emergency Fire Starter. It uses a reliable flint wheel that will easily light the tinder sticks. It also has an o-ring seal case to keep the contents dry. WHO WOULDN’T TRUST A ZIPPO. You get what you pay for folks. This is probably the best fire starter for the money.

Now, if life is being really hard on you and you have no lighter with you. This would be the time to improvise and make use of the Stone Age practice. If you rub two sticks together. You will light a fire. It’s kind of hard to get started, but it serves the purpose when you need it. Remember it’s about survival in an emergency situation when you really don’t have much of a choice. Fire starters are a very important tool in survival during a zombie apocalypse (or disasters).

A fire starter is the cornerstone of any Zombie survival kit.