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Blade HQ Review

If you are like me, you often buy things online. However, I have found that it is challenging to find online stores that sell good quality products, ship quickly, offer a good selection or just don’t rip you off to begin with. Like most people, when it comes to my knifes, I want a quality product that is going to last a long time, I don’t want to go to use it and suddenly the blade is dull or even worse, the blade just falls off or breaks, as it has happened in the past.

It was actually receiving a poorly made knife that made me start searching for a new store in the first place, and that is when I came across Blade HQ. I was a little hesitant of course, but after reading up on them I decided to finally give them a shot and I ordered my first knife from them. To start, I just bought a lower end folding knife, as this was my way of testing their service, shipping and quality.

The design of their site allows for easy shopping and checkout. I found they was able to ship the product quickly, and they don’t just say they shipped it for looks either. I had received my knife within just a few days after making my purchase, which was already faster than the last two places I bought from, which averaged 1 or 2 weeks!

If you’re not looking for a pocket knife, they have various other products that range from words and axes to outdoor survival tools and flash lights. They say Gear Up For Adventure, and they mean it. They are a one stop shop for anyone who is in need of a sharp tool or vivid hikers.

They do have some lower priced knifes, but some of their premium selections can get up there in price. But, they help customers who cannot afford to simply pay several hundred bucks for a knife in one payment. They will split payment up if needed on orders over $399 into 4 payments! Awesome! Plus if you use a Bladehq coupon you get it even cheaper.

Looking to sale a knife you have, or a full collection of knifes for whatever reason? Blade HQ offers to purchase knifes as well that are still in decent to great condition. They are looking more for collectable knifes, or knife collections that go for more than $100. So, if you are looking for a little extra cash or just to unload your knifes, this is one option to check into.

Overall Blade HQ has been a great experience for me, and I have since bought many products including more pocket knives, and an axe earlier this summer. So far, I have no complaints as they have managed to somehow get every item to me in a short period, with the longest being less than a week. Products are still going strong, and I have recommended the site to several people already.

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