Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife

If you’re looking for a new survival knife and you’re wanting the best of the best, then the Fallkniven A1 is where you need to look. You are going to find the quality is better than anything out there, and the design originated straight from the land of the Vikings, so you know it’s a great build.

It measures 11 inches in length, with the blade being 6.3 inches, giving you a large enough surface area to easily slice through anything you may desire. With the 6mm thick blade, you do not have to worry about it breaking under pressure, and more than just the pointed tip is sharp.

With a short piece of metal coming out of the handle, the Fallkniven A1 is a full tang style knife. A synthetic polymer was used for creating the handle, called Kraton which is textured and allows the user to firmly grip without slipping. The design also includes finger guards to add extra safety.

To decrease chance of breaking, a laminated VG 10 steel was used, which allows extreme use without enduring the stress other knifes would. To keep it all neat and tidy, it comes with a sheath created using dense polymer material, called zytel. This sheath is simple, but effective and it’s designed with a drain hole that allows water to escape if its submerged to avoid damage to the blade.